Wine Club – June 2018 (Saturday, June 16th)

Jennifer & Dan Garvey will be hosting our June Wine Club on Saturday, June 16 and the Theme is Roll out the Rose’.

They will be serving Triple-Decker Baked Cheese Sandwiches and some of their favorite Rose’ selections to go along with our tasting, so please bring an appetizer, side or dessert to compliment.

This is the time of year to roll out the Rose’ and since we’re already hitting the triple digits on the thermometer, why not serve ‘em with a triple-decker cheese sandwich. Some cheeses go better with White, some with Red; yet almost all pair well with dry Rose’ which has the acidity of White and the fruit character of Red. Rose’ is a personal summer favorite of mine, and I can recommend that Austin Wine Merchant has a large selection to choose from. As always, when in doubt ask your Wine Merchant for suggestions. If Rose’ isn’t your bag, feel free to bring your favorite summer White or Red to share with the group.

Remember to bring a Wine glass

HOST: Jennifer & Dan Garvey
ADDRESS: 11400 Pyreneese
DATE: Saturday, June 16
TIME: 7:00 PM

THEME: Roll out the Rose