Welcoming Committee


Coordinate the welcoming of new residents to Balcones Woods and provide them with information about the neighborhood. Undertake a revision of the Balcones Woods Directory annually.


  • Keep a current list of neighborhood greeters, and replace them with new volunteers as needed. Instruct new greeters as to their responsibilities.
  • Keep a record of new Club residents supplied by greeters, and report relevant information to the Secretary and Treasurer. (Relevant information includes the names of adults, first names and year of birth of children, telephone number and address, and date of closing when new residents own home).
  • Keep greeters supplied with directories for dissemination to new members.
  • Prepare and conduct an annual survey of the residents in order to update the directory.
  • Solicit advertisements to offset the cost of publishing the directory.
  • Oversee the typesetting, printing and distribution of the directory.

Author: Eric Hegwer, VP Board

Eric Hegwer, is the webmaster and VP of the Board for Balcones Woods.