Bear responsibility for all Club funds, and collect and disburse revenues. The Treasurer participates on both the Operating Committee and the Board of Directors.


  • Supervise the work of the ClubÂ’s CPA in dues billing, dues collection, preparation of monthly income and expense statements, and fulfillment of the tax responsibilities of the Club.
  • Prepare an annual budget of income and expenses, together with a statement of the long term obligations of the Club and adequacy of reserves.
  • Coordinate with all Operating Committee members in the generation of the annual budget prepared by the Board of Directors in time to be approved at the annual homeowners meeting.
  • Disburse funds according to the budget and with the approval of the Board of Directors, and maintain documentation of expenses incurred by the Club.
  • With the assistance of the Club Secretary, certify the membership in good standing of all homeowners attending any regular or called meeting of the neighborhood.
  • Disburse pool pins annually, based upon a list of Club members in good standing.
  • Invest Club funds in a secure manner, mindful of the Club’s obligations.

Author: Eric Hegwer, VP Board

Eric Hegwer, is the webmaster and VP of the Board for Balcones Woods.