2017 Pool Hours

LAST DAY Pool will be open is 9/24

Fall hours until the end of the season:

Sat 10A-10P
Sun 12P-9P
Labor Day 12P-9P
Please give a big thanks to all our life guards and support people that helped make this the best pool!

Splash Day 2017 – Sunday April 30 12-9pm

Important Dates

Memorial Day 5/29 10:00AM – 9:00PM
July 4th Open after the parade – 6:00PM
Labor Day 9/4 10:00AM – 9:00PM

Regular Pool Hours

5/1 – 6/1
Wed 8:15P-9:15P (ADULT SWIM ONLY)
Fri 8:30P-10:00P
Sat 10:00A-10:00P
Sun 12:00P-9:00P

6/2 – 7/7
M-F 12:15P-10:00P
Sat 10:00A-10:00P
Sun 12:00P-10:00P

7/8 – 8/20
M-Sat 10:00A-10:00P
Sun 12:00P-10:00P

8/21 – 9/30
Wed 8:00P-9:00P (ADULT SWIM ONLY)
Fri 8:30P-10:00P
Sat 10:00A-10:00P
Sun 12:00P-9:00P

Remember the last 10 minutes of every hour, as well as the last hour full hour is dedicated to adult swim

Hours are subject to change

If you are interested in becoming a lifeguard for the 2017 Season, please print out this form Lifeguard Application  and return to Scott Dady at pool@balconeswoods.org  Starting Salary is $9.00/hour and it’s a great way to build your resume!

2017 Blue Wave Schedule

Check out the 2017 Blue Wave registration page for more info



2. SAT May 27th: AVERY RANCH REDFISH @ BWBW (Hosting)

3. SAT June 3rd: BYE (Really good since it is Anderson Graduation Weekend)


5. SAT June 17th: BWBW @ FAST FROGS

6. SAT June 24th: WESTOVER WILD ORCAS @ BWBW (Hosting)

7. SAT July 1st: JCC PIRANHAS @ BWBW (Hosting)




Develop and maintain the neighborhood website and social media outlets.


  • Solicit content ideas and insure the site is up to date and appropriate including posting electronic version of the newsletter.
  • Maintain committee email aliases.
  • Maintain web social media sites (e.g. Yahoo!) including membership and messaging.
  • Monitor web hosting costs and domain name renewal fees; report to the treasurer.
  • Prepare an annual budget for the website.

Covenants and Restrictions


Ensure that all covenants and deed restrictions are consistently enforced throughout Balcones Woods. Coordinate actions of this committee with the Architectural Control Committee.


  • Respond to notice of covenant or deed restrictions violation in a manner appropriate to the infraction, keeping records of notification and response.
  • Prepare report of infractions and responses, to be presented to the Operating Committee.
  • Be the liaison between the Operating Committee and the Architectural Control Committee.
  • Participate as a consultant to the Architectural Control Committee.

Pool Operations


Direct the work of the pool manager and assist the manager in the safe and efficient operation of the Club’s swimming pool.


  • Annually present various pool manager candidates to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Annually review, and revise if necessary, the job description of the pool manager.
  • Obtain the required permits to legally operate the pool in the City of Austin and ensure the Club is in compliance with all the ordinances relating to pool use.
  • Annually assist the Treasurer in disbursement of pins.
  • Maintain a list of maintenance requirements relating to the pool and pool equipment. Inform the Maintenance Committee of any non-pool related repairs.
  • Ensure that pool related repairs are made.
  • Annually review the pool rules. Proposed changes must be approved by the Board of Directors, prior to distribution to the residents.
  • Act as the liaison between the pool manager/lifeguards and residents and the Operating Committee.
  • Assist the Treasurer in preparing an annual budget for pool operations.



Bear responsibility for all Club funds, and collect and disburse revenues. The Treasurer participates on both the Operating Committee and the Board of Directors.


  • Supervise the work of the ClubÂ’s CPA in dues billing, dues collection, preparation of monthly income and expense statements, and fulfillment of the tax responsibilities of the Club.
  • Prepare an annual budget of income and expenses, together with a statement of the long term obligations of the Club and adequacy of reserves.
  • Coordinate with all Operating Committee members in the generation of the annual budget prepared by the Board of Directors in time to be approved at the annual homeowners meeting.
  • Disburse funds according to the budget and with the approval of the Board of Directors, and maintain documentation of expenses incurred by the Club.
  • With the assistance of the Club Secretary, certify the membership in good standing of all homeowners attending any regular or called meeting of the neighborhood.
  • Disburse pool pins annually, based upon a list of Club members in good standing.
  • Invest Club funds in a secure manner, mindful of the Club’s obligations.

Swim Team


Organize, promote and manage an annual swim team representing Balcones Woods Club.


  • Establish a committee annually to assist in hiring coaches, organizing activities and administering swim meets.
  • Monitor the work of the swim team coaches and act as liaison between coaches and the residents, pool manager and the Operating Committee.
  • Organize and promote an annual registration day for swim team participants.
  • Organize fund-raising projects in support of swim team activities.
  • Organize and promote swim meets hosted by Balcones Woods Club.
  • Organize a closing picnic after swim season for participants and coaches.
  • Prepare an annual budget for swim team activities.



Record activities and decisions of the Operating Committee. Preserve these records and distribute them to Committee members. Also publish a regular newsletter for the benefit of residents.


  • Prepare minutes of each meeting of the Operating Committee to serve as a record of the activities and decisions of the Committee.
  • Ensure that all records of the Club are preserved and maintained in a safe and accessible manner.
  • Publish a regular newsletter informing residents of significant events in the neighborhood.
  • Assist the Treasurer in certifying the membership in good standing of homeowners attending the meetings of the membership.
  • Assist the Treasurer in preparation of an annual operating budget relating to the publication of the newsletter.
  • Distribute the minutes each Operating Committee meeting to the various members of that committee and any additional interested parties, prior to subsequent meeting.

Sports Courts


Maintain all sport related equipment and facilities, excluding swim team related items, at the pool or commons area. In addition, sports equipment should be maintained and procedures should be established which ensure safe and equitable use of the facilities, including tournaments.


  • Organize and work with the lifeguards on the Fourth of July picnic, including any publicity, regarding sport court related tournaments and prizes.
  • Assist the Maintenance Committee with maintenance, repair and replacement of sports equipment, grounds and lighting.
  • Organize, promote and administer tournaments for residents.
  • Assist the Treasurer in preparing an annual budget for sports activities and maintenance.



Organize and promote social activities for Pool Opening, Fourth of July Picnic, Pool Closing, and any additional adult or youth social activities which take place at the pool or commons area.


  • Organize the Opening Day neighborhood party, with adequate publicity.
  • Organize and work with the lifeguards on the Fourth of July picnic, including any publicity, tournaments and prizes.
  • Organize and publicize the End-of-Summer adult party, including refreshments, adequate assistance in food preparation and use of recreational and sports equipment.
  • Organize and publicize adult party at the Beginning-of-Summer season.
  • Assist the Treasurer in preparing an annual budget for social activities.