Maintain and repair property belonging to Balcones Woods Club, Inc., including upkeep of commons grounds. Maintenance responsibilities include replacement of damaged or worn out property for items which are within the annual maintenance budget. Pool related equipment is not the responsibility of the Maintenance Committee, but that of the Pool Committee.


  • Inspect Club property periodically for needed repairs or replacements. Insure that repairs are done satisfactorily.
  • Contract with maintenance services for grounds upkeep, and inspect work done.
  • Plan, promote and coordinate capital improvements approved by the board of directors.
  • Plan, promote and coordinate workdays prior to pool opening and after pool closing.
  • Report on activities at meetings of the Operating Committee.
  • Assist the Treasurer in the preparation of the annual maintenance and capital improvements budget.

Author: Eric Hegwer, VP Board

Eric Hegwer, is the webmaster and VP of the Board for Balcones Woods.