Wine Club – June 2018 (Saturday, June 16th)

Jennifer & Dan Garvey will be hosting our June Wine Club on Saturday, June 16 and the Theme is Roll out the Rose’.

They will be serving Triple-Decker Baked Cheese Sandwiches and some of their favorite Rose’ selections to go along with our tasting, so please bring an appetizer, side or dessert to compliment.

This is the time of year to roll out the Rose’ and since we’re already hitting the triple digits on the thermometer, why not serve ‘em with a triple-decker cheese sandwich. Some cheeses go better with White, some with Red; yet almost all pair well with dry Rose’ which has the acidity of White and the fruit character of Red. Rose’ is a personal summer favorite of mine, and I can recommend that Austin Wine Merchant has a large selection to choose from. As always, when in doubt ask your Wine Merchant for suggestions. If Rose’ isn’t your bag, feel free to bring your favorite summer White or Red to share with the group.

Remember to bring a Wine glass

HOST: Jennifer & Dan Garvey
ADDRESS: 11400 Pyreneese
DATE: Saturday, June 16
TIME: 7:00 PM

THEME: Roll out the Rose

2018 Pool Hours – Effective 5.31.18

Please find the most updated pool schedule for Summer of 2018. If you are wondering if there is an event (birthdays, neighborhood potluck, etc) happening at the pool, you can visit the calendar here.

Blue Wave Practice Schedule (May 31-July 8) – Click Here

Blue Wave Events (May 31-July 8) – Click Here

Note: You can also subscribe to the calendar as well so it will be on your calendar (desktop and mobile). Copy and Paste this link to your calendar:

Pool Schedule (May 31-September 30)

  • Opens Daily from 12:15p – 10p (Adult Swim from 9-10pm daily)
  • Saturdays 10a-10p (except on June 30th, pool opens after swim meet, approximately 2p)

Holiday Hours:

  • 4th of July: Pool opens after the parade until 6p
  • Labor Day: Pool opens 10a-9p

September Pool Schedule:

  • Wednesdays 8-9p (Adult Swim Only)
  • Fridays: 8:30p-10p
  • Saturdays: 10a-10p
  • Sundays: Noon-9p

Wine Club – May 2018 (Friday, May 11)

Darla Smith & Nancy Norman will be hosting our May Wine Club on Friday, May 11 and the Theme is Welcome to Summer Wines.

They will be serving Chicken Sliders as well as a Vegetarian option to go along with our tasting, so please bring an appetizer, side or dessert to compliment.

As we all know, our Texas summers get HOT! Great summer wines that can cool that down a bit are refreshing Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Grigio and many French Whites…and let’s not forget those Rose’s. All of which will compliment those Chicken Sliders. On the Red Wine side of things I would suggest light to medium bodied Reds with a higher acidity, perhaps a Pinot Noir or French Burgundy for chicken. As always, when in doubt ask your Wine Merchant for suggestions.

Remember to bring a Wine glass

HOST: Darla Smith & Nancy Norman
ADDRESS: 11105 Aragon
DATE: Friday, May 11
TIME: 7:30 PM
THEME: Welcome to Summer Wines

Looking forward to seeing everyone there…No sunscreen necessary!

3rd Annual Balcones Woods Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving is almost here. 2 years ago, we started an “unofficial” tradition here in our wonderful neighborhood. BW Turkey Trot was organized as a 100% non-profit “just for fun” pre- Thanksgiving family lunch/dinner fun run, and continued to foster friendship and togetherness among our neighbors and their visiting friends and relatives.
This year we have chosen to donate 100% of your donations to treatments of breast cancer. We have identified specific beneficiaries. Details about them will be included in the next email updates. We would like to thank BW Blue Wave Team for choosing to forego the opportunity to be among one of the recipients of your donations, and in lieu of, Blue Wave Team decided that we should donate all proceeds to cancer treatments.
–  Race starts at 8:30 am on Thanksgiving Day.
–  Registration is onsite on the day of the event at 7:30- 8:15.
–  Our run/walk is also open to non-BW residents.
–  $10 per adult runner fee, $5/ kids under 12.
–  Kids K, 5k, 10k
– 1st/2nd/3rd place winners for each category ( kids k 10 and under, Kids K 12 and under, 5k, 10k)
New This Year:
Thanksgiving Yard Decorations Competition- For those who reside along the Turkey Trot route, 5 of our chosen walkers will determine (according to their own criteria) Top 3 Best Decorations.

Route for 5k:
All runners will start at the end of the Clubhouse driveway.
-Run southbound on Alhambra Drive
-Left of Calle Verde Drive
-Left on Balcones Woods Drive
-Right on Alhambra Drive
-Right on Santa Cruz Drive
-Left on Wind River Road
-Left on Toledo Drive
-Right on Murcia Drive
-Left on Wind River Road
-Left on Catalonia Drive
-Right on Santa Cruz Drive
-Crossing Balcones Woods Drive
-Left on Bilboa Drive
-Right on Balcones Woods Drive
-Right on Alhambra Drive
-Finish line at the Clubhouse parking lot.
Route for 10k:
-same as 5k route, do 2 laps
For more information and to RSVP, pls email or text ” Yes” to 650-307-0405
Thank you all and see you there!
Henry Eliperia- Organizer
Tara Whitmore- Adviser

Learn about the 2017 AISD Bond Election

Do you have questions about the upcoming election with the AISD bond for $1.05 Billion?  I know I do.  That’s why I’ll be at the BW Clubhouse Monday night at 6:30 to hear  Kristin Ashy speak about it.  She is a member of FABPAC, and an expert on the subject.

  • Will it raise our taxes?
  • Which schools are getting the money?
  • How is it getting paid for – where is the money coming from?
  • What will happen if it does (or doesn’t pass)?

Come to hear answers to these questions, or ask your own.  Remember early voting starts Oct. 23–Nov. 3 and Election Day is Nov. 7.

Welcome to the Balcones Woods Neighborhood

Dear neighbor,

We’re happy to welcome you as a new neighbor! With this letter, you’ll find a Balcones Woods neighborhood directory that provides names and phone numbers of many of your neighbors, as well helpful information about the Homeowners’ Association and our beautiful commons area. Take some time to look through the directory to get familiar with your new neighborhood!
Please feel free to call or text with any questions.

Stephanie Schmid 512-797-1368

Commons Area

You’ll need an electronic key to get into the pool, playground, and sports courts. You can request a key by emailing

The commons area is home to a private club for Balcones Woods’s residents and their guests. It is located at 11204 Alhambra Drive. The pool is open May through September where the tennis, volleyball, basketball courts and playground are open year-round, accessible with your electronic key. The clubhouse is available for private parties or neighborhood events.

In the warmer months, this is the hub of activity and a great place enjoy time with your family, friends and neighbors. Our homeowner’s association dues support the improvement and maintenance of this beautiful commons area.


Volunteerism is the backbone that keeps our neighbor vibrant and ensures our ongoing strength as one of the most desirable areas in Austin. We welcome volunteers to run for office as a committee head, operating committee officer or board member.
Just as important are neighbors volunteering to work with the various committees on the day-to-day activities, which keep our association functioning and provide the outstanding amenities enjoyed by all residents. Your input and participation are always welcomed and appreciated!

Stay Connected


Yahoo Group: Go to the website to join a very active email group where residents ask questions, post items for sale and exchange or other information in a close-group setting.

Goodwin Management:

HOA dues, commons area security, architectural approval, covenants and restrictions are all under the umbrella of Goodwin Management.

Facebook: or search “Unofficial Balcones Woods Group” and friend us!

Next Door:–austin–tx/

Note that the Nextdoor and facebook groups can have members that are NOT members of the neighborhood.
Whether you’re new to Austin or just new to Balcones Woods, please reach out to any of us with questions about the neighborhood or the area.
Stephanie Schmid 512-797-1368
Julie Plowman 512-739-8939
Joe Zygarlenski 512-970-8949
Eric Hegwer 650-704-1536

2017 Blue Wave Schedule

Check out the 2017 Blue Wave registration page for more info



2. SAT May 27th: AVERY RANCH REDFISH @ BWBW (Hosting)

3. SAT June 3rd: BYE (Really good since it is Anderson Graduation Weekend)


5. SAT June 17th: BWBW @ FAST FROGS

6. SAT June 24th: WESTOVER WILD ORCAS @ BWBW (Hosting)

7. SAT July 1st: JCC PIRANHAS @ BWBW (Hosting)




Develop and maintain the neighborhood website and social media outlets.


  • Solicit content ideas and insure the site is up to date and appropriate including posting electronic version of the newsletter.
  • Maintain committee email aliases.
  • Maintain web social media sites (e.g. Yahoo!) including membership and messaging.
  • Monitor web hosting costs and domain name renewal fees; report to the treasurer.
  • Prepare an annual budget for the website.

Covenants and Restrictions


Ensure that all covenants and deed restrictions are consistently enforced throughout Balcones Woods. Coordinate actions of this committee with the Architectural Control Committee.


  • Respond to notice of covenant or deed restrictions violation in a manner appropriate to the infraction, keeping records of notification and response.
  • Prepare report of infractions and responses, to be presented to the Operating Committee.
  • Be the liaison between the Operating Committee and the Architectural Control Committee.
  • Participate as a consultant to the Architectural Control Committee.

Pool Operations


Direct the work of the pool manager and assist the manager in the safe and efficient operation of the Club’s swimming pool.


  • Annually present various pool manager candidates to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Annually review, and revise if necessary, the job description of the pool manager.
  • Obtain the required permits to legally operate the pool in the City of Austin and ensure the Club is in compliance with all the ordinances relating to pool use.
  • Annually assist the Treasurer in disbursement of pins.
  • Maintain a list of maintenance requirements relating to the pool and pool equipment. Inform the Maintenance Committee of any non-pool related repairs.
  • Ensure that pool related repairs are made.
  • Annually review the pool rules. Proposed changes must be approved by the Board of Directors, prior to distribution to the residents.
  • Act as the liaison between the pool manager/lifeguards and residents and the Operating Committee.
  • Assist the Treasurer in preparing an annual budget for pool operations.