Board and Operating Committee

Volunteerism is the backbone that keeps our neighborhood vibrant and ensures our ongoing strength as one of the most desirable areas in Austin. We welcome volunteers to run for office as a committee head, operating committee officer or board member. Also, just as important, are neighbors volunteering to work with the various committees on the day-to-day activities which keep our association functional and provide the outstanding amenities enjoyed by all residents. Your input and participation are always welcomed and appreciated.

Board of Directors

Name Email
President Paul Enos
Vice President Eric Hegwer
Secretary Joanna Cook
Operating Committe President Joe Zygarlenski
Member at Large Julie Plowamn
Member at Large Michele Freeman
Member at Large Open
Member at Large Jonathan LaChance
Operating Committee President Joe Zygarlenski

To email all members of the Board, send an email to:

Operating Committee

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