Wine Club – June 2018 (Saturday, June 16th)

Jennifer & Dan Garvey will be hosting our June Wine Club on Saturday, June 16 and the Theme is Roll out the Rose’.

They will be serving Triple-Decker Baked Cheese Sandwiches and some of their favorite Rose’ selections to go along with our tasting, so please bring an appetizer, side or dessert to compliment.

This is the time of year to roll out the Rose’ and since we’re already hitting the triple digits on the thermometer, why not serve ‘em with a triple-decker cheese sandwich. Some cheeses go better with White, some with Red; yet almost all pair well with dry Rose’ which has the acidity of White and the fruit character of Red. Rose’ is a personal summer favorite of mine, and I can recommend that Austin Wine Merchant has a large selection to choose from. As always, when in doubt ask your Wine Merchant for suggestions. If Rose’ isn’t your bag, feel free to bring your favorite summer White or Red to share with the group.

Remember to bring a Wine glass

HOST: Jennifer & Dan Garvey
ADDRESS: 11400 Pyreneese
DATE: Saturday, June 16
TIME: 7:00 PM

THEME: Roll out the Rose

2018 Pool Hours – Effective 5.31.18

Please find the most updated pool schedule for Summer of 2018. If you are wondering if there is an event (birthdays, neighborhood potluck, etc) happening at the pool, you can visit the calendar here.

Blue Wave Practice Schedule (May 31-July 8) – Click Here

Blue Wave Events (May 31-July 8) – Click Here

Note: You can also subscribe to the calendar as well so it will be on your calendar (desktop and mobile). Copy and Paste this link to your calendar:

Pool Schedule (May 31-September 30)

  • Opens Daily from 12:15p – 10p (Adult Swim from 9-10pm daily)
  • Saturdays 10a-10p (except on June 30th, pool opens after swim meet, approximately 2p)

Holiday Hours:

  • 4th of July: Pool opens after the parade until 6p
  • Labor Day: Pool opens 10a-9p

September Pool Schedule:

  • Wednesdays 8-9p (Adult Swim Only)
  • Fridays: 8:30p-10p
  • Saturdays: 10a-10p
  • Sundays: Noon-9p

Wine Club – May 2018 (Friday, May 11)

Darla Smith & Nancy Norman will be hosting our May Wine Club on Friday, May 11 and the Theme is Welcome to Summer Wines.

They will be serving Chicken Sliders as well as a Vegetarian option to go along with our tasting, so please bring an appetizer, side or dessert to compliment.

As we all know, our Texas summers get HOT! Great summer wines that can cool that down a bit are refreshing Sauvignon Blancs, Pinot Grigio and many French Whites…and let’s not forget those Rose’s. All of which will compliment those Chicken Sliders. On the Red Wine side of things I would suggest light to medium bodied Reds with a higher acidity, perhaps a Pinot Noir or French Burgundy for chicken. As always, when in doubt ask your Wine Merchant for suggestions.

Remember to bring a Wine glass

HOST: Darla Smith & Nancy Norman
ADDRESS: 11105 Aragon
DATE: Friday, May 11
TIME: 7:30 PM
THEME: Welcome to Summer Wines

Looking forward to seeing everyone there…No sunscreen necessary!

Wine Club – April 2018


Jeannie & Mark Pinkman will be hosting our April Wine Club on Saturday, April 14 and the Theme is Venison & Vino – Wines that pair well with Venison (deer). They will be offering a couple of Venison recipes to go along with our tasting, so please bring an appetizer, side or dessert to compliment.

Red Wines with earthy or smokey flavors found in Cabernets, Syrah, Shiraz or Zinfindels can match the rich flavors in venison and for you White Wine lovers, steer towards a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. As always, when in doubt ask your wine merchant for suggestions.

Remember to bring a Wine glass

HOST: Jeannie & Mark Pinkman
ADDRESS: 4002 Cordova Dr.
DATE: Saturday, April 14
TIME: 7:00 PM
THEME: Venison & Vino: Wines that pair well with Venison

Congratulations new Board Members

On Thursday night, Jan 25, the Balcones Woods neighborhood held it’s annual general meeting and elections.

The overall budget was reviewed, updates were given regarding the status of the swimming pool and a few other items, a new method of paying your dues was explained, and three new board members were elected into office.

Joe Zygarlenski ended his term as Operating Committee President and was elected into a general position on the Board.

Tim Phillips was elected to be the new Operating Committee President.

Melanie Hall was elected to the board to fill the other open general position.

Congratulations to the new board members.

Notice of Annual Meeting

Balcones Woods Club, Inc. Annual Meeting

January 25, 2018 7:00 PM

Balcones Woods Clubroom

11204 Alhambra Dr. Austin, TX 78759

The Balcones Woods Club, Inc. Board of Directors invites you to attend the neighborhood annual meeting on Jan 25, 2018.  The meeting will be held at the Balcones Woods Clubroom, 11204 Alhambra Dr and will start at 7:00 PM with sign-in beginning at 6:30 pm.  Your attendance at the annual meeting will help shape what happens in your neighborhood in the coming year.  Please make plans to attend.

Balcones Woods Club, Inc. Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes from 2017
  3. Reports from Board of Directors, Operating Committee
  4. Managers Report
  5. Election of Board Members – 2 Directors for three (3) year terms, 1 Operating Committee President for one (1) year term
  6. Q & A
  7. Adjourn

Candidate Selection

We are always looking for more neighbors who want to get involved by donating their time and make our neighborhood a great place to live.  If you are interested in serving on the Operating Committee, please contact the operating Committee President at:  If you are interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors or for the Operating Committee President role, please contact: James. before 1/5/18 to ensure your name is on printed ballot which will be mailed out in January.

Santa at the Clubhouse

Santa will be on site at the clubhouse from 3:30-5:00 on Sunday, December 17th.

We’ll begin set up at 2:00, and clean up will commence at 5:00. (Of course we’ll be cleaning up as much as we can along the way!)

We are looking for volunteers to help with providing cookies/treats, set up, ‘during the event’ assistance (for craft assistance, and Santa help), and clean up. Please sign up below if you can help with anything!!! Helpful teenagers are welcome, and we would be glad to sign any forms needed for verification of volunteer hours!

Visit the link below to sign up to help!!!

Winter Pool Update

During our regular season last year, it was identified that there were some leaks in the plumbing and pipes for our Pool.  After much debate, the board, Pool Personnel, and Operating committee determined the best course was to repair the problem, during the off season, with minimal disruption to the swim team and Summer pool operations.

As the pool is now closed, here is our current plan for the repair:

They anticipate starting between 12/11 and 12/18.

Work can take up to two weeks for the leak repair. Then the deck will need to be repaired as well. They are taking off from 12/25 to 1/1.

We are looking at completion of the repair in mid January, building in some extra delays with the holidays. I expect by the annual meeting we will have the repairs completed on the leak, and only need to reference the resurfacing of the pool deck.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask us!

December 2017 Wine Club

Season’s Greetings Wine Clubbers!

Jane and Dan Burstain will be hosting our December Wine Club on Saturday, December 16th and the Theme is Sparkling Wine/Champagne, the Celebration Wine. As an added bonus for the holiday season, there will be a White Elephant Gift Exchange (Rules are attached). It is not mandatory to participate in the White Elephant Gift Exchange.

They will be providing Chicken and Scalloped Potatoes to go along with our tasting, so please bring an appetizer, side or dessert to compliment. A Chocolate Dipping Station will also be available for those with a sweet tooth.

There’s not a right or wrong time to serve Sparkling Wine/Champagne, and because of it’s festive nature, what better time than the holidaze. There are many domestic American Sparkling Wines to choose from these days, and then we have the Prosecco style from Italy, Cava style from Spain and your ultimate in taste and style, French Champagne. If the choices are too numerous, as always please ask your wine merchant for suggestions.

So break out your elf ears and Santa hats, the Burstains host a helluva White Elephant Gift exchange!

Remember to bring a Wine glass

HOST: Jane and Dan Burstain

DATE: Saturday, December 16

TIME: 7:00 PM

THEME: Sparkling Wine/Champagne, The Celebration Wine and White Elephant Gift Exchange

Jingle all the Way, Santa Baby…..Looking forward to seeing everyone there

2017 Holiday Hayride

This event is cancelled due to weather.

It’s time for the BW Holiday Hayride!

From the luminaries of Alamosa to the hanging balls on Galacia, take a hayride through our festive neighborhood!

Date: Tuesday, December 19th

Location: Clubhouse Parking Lot

Time: 6:30-8:30

This year we’ll have two trailers going simultaneously to shorten the wait time between rides.

Gather with your neighbors at the clubhouse parking lot. Rides will be given on a first come first-served basis, and will go through the neighborhood. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Please note: The pool restrooms will be available for use, but the clubhouse will not be open. This is not an HOA-sanctioned event. In case of inclement weather, the hayride will be cancelled.

If you have questions, email Michelle Nguyen at

Happy Holidays! Hope to see many of you on the 19th!